The Underground World of Las Vegas Escorts

We all love the girls in Las Vegas, how can you not. The women come from all over to let loose, party, and hookup with guys they never get the chance to back home. This same mentality holds true with Las Vegas escorts. The main difference is these girls are ALOT SMARTER than you think when it comes to working tricks.

If you’re completely new to Vegas and you walk the strip, you’ll see all the Mexicans handing out fliers and cards of girls. They are infamously known for wearing tshirts that read “Girls Direct to Your Room for $69″. Now if you call this number, you will get a girl to your room. No, it won’t look ANYTHING like the picture your holding. And yes you will easily have sex with them. At what price? You will pay 3-4 times the going rate and dramatically increase your chances of getting and STD.

Las Vegas Escorts with a Twist

Las Vegas Escorts with a Twist

Next on the list are Las Vegas strip clubs. After all, some of the strippers here are knockouts. Sex on the premises, no chance unless your Charlie Sheen. Bringing a stripper home with you, actually very possible. Many of these girls use the strip club as a front for their Vegas escorts business. If you thought the Mexicans were expensive, then you don’t want to go the stripper angle.

Vegas escorts use to be use on Craigslist, now that’s shut down, many moved over to being a Backpage escort. Now, these girls are ultra cheap, and you minimize the risk of getting caught. But, and a huge but, is the insane rates of STDs. You will literally need to double bag it for a bj, and dont even think about going downtown for ANYTHING

So what’s the secret? How do you get the Vegas escort? There’s a little secret in Vegas that not many talk about, and that’s UNLV girls. The girls at the University of Las Vegas are strapped for cash big time. Between layoffs and the down economy, these girls can’t go back to their families for money. Instead, they look to sites like to provide the happy medium. With this site, these young girls look for young active men with money that can help them out financially. In return, you have a relationship unlike no other. Think it’s too good to be true? Well I thought so too, until I met a girl from their.  The sex was amazing of course, but more amazing was the intelligence on this girl. She told me that the girls that go the true escort route get too many STDs in Nevada. So instead, they look to this private arrangements that minimize the risk, and provide the huge upside.

I definitely went to the wrong college, but love what the girls are learning at UNLV!